Girls Have Fun on the Beach: Claim that Space!


The beach is for me a place to take pictures or read a book. I live in my head and observe with my camera at a safe distance. beach gloryThat is probably why I am fascinated by young girls who seem to be self-absorbed and present with their bodies in a way I can only dream of. girls at playI am  heartened by the fact that they seem absorbed with each other and oblivious of the male gaze.  girls playing 2Absorbed by what their bodies can do. playin girlAbsorbed by the world they find themselves in and the possibility of discovering new things everyday .children at play 11Absorbed by the  joy  of moving a female body that is our medium for experiencing the world. let girls playWe must always work to expand the spaces in which girls and women can move freely and take delight in a world that has yet to take delight in them, at least to the extent they deservegirls at playKeep expanding those expansive spaces children at playAnd those who don’t like it or feel entitled to make us uncomfortable in public spaces can kiss our collective feminist asses…….

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